The Toughest Test in College
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Cover: The Toughest Test in College
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November 2009 

Preparing for college involves more than just buying new clothes and textbooks. Your toughest test is not going to be on paper; it is a test of your heart and mind. Can you live out your convictions and share your faith with students and professors who tell you that what you believe is absurd and impractical?
This 45-minute DVD introduces the TrueU series and shares stories of students who were tested and stood in opposition to false worldviews. Their experiences will motivate you to define what you believe and why, so you can be confident in your faith. Learn biblical responses to questions including, How did we get here? Why is there evil in the world? Who is Jesus? What is our purpose? How do we live the Christian life? What happens when we die? TrueU provides foundational scientific and biblical training to help you own and defend your faith and become a world-changer!